Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh dear...

So I missed my post for's the catch up one...
I didn't actually plan on going anywhere for Black Friday especially eating all those calories...yum TURKEY but Amy called me up to go to Legacy so we did. First stop, Express. I said "Oh I won't buy anything." I came out with an Express bill of "$250." Well worth the 40% before Noon special though. I got myself a nice, black pair of editor pants. A pleather jacket. A red dress that is FIRE. A knit sweater that forms very well to my body. And a few other things that I just cannot remember. So much for buying a crossover bag.  Then we went to Bebe which had nothing special. We ate at Kiku Yama. Was delicious. Probably one of my favorite restaurants especially since they cook the food in front of you. Then Amy dropped me at my mom's salon so I could pick up car and bring it to get it fixed. Firestone was busy so I went to my mom's and got my hair died. Now my hairstyle is changed. Layers. Bangs. Reddish. So anyways, later that night I went to SSP with  my mom and Paulina. Damn there was SO MUCH STUFF I wanted...and I got them. My mom got them for us as a Christmas gift even though all I really want was a Serger (sewing machine). So we got a lot of stuff from Forever 21 and lots of accessories from Wet Seal. I can't wait to wear them. Everything is still in the shopping bags. I need to reorganize my drawers.

I applied. BU Transcript is all set. Payment all set. Need BLS Transcript. Need to do Academic Essay. Need to do portfolio. All before February. My deadline for myself is January 17 before I go back to school. No more games. It's time to get down to business. Wish me luck!