Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jasmine Di Milo // Alberta Feretti // Proenza Shouler // Azzaro // Luisa Beccaria // Carlos Miele




Thursday, July 8, 2010

Givenchy is bold and beautiful but beware

Head designer Riccardo Tisci is talented. That is for sure but some of the designs aren't in my taste.

I have to say there are a few garments I like and some that I am just "wtf?"
The Spring 2010 RTW has a lot of clean cut blazers and pretty Roman drapings but also crazy black and whtie dizzy patterns and KKK style hats. Tisci is good but I'm a little confused?

Cute layered dress but the conehead/KKK hat? If I had to present this style I would do with nude pumps. Pale skin stockings. Long flowing blonde or brunette hair. But that's just me.

This look is devestatingly BEAUTIFUL. My favorite of them all. The geometrics are flattering and the striped blazer presents a bold and new CHIC look.

There's bold and brilliant and then bold and absolutely horrendous. This outfit screams wild jungle ANIMAL. Make that blazer black. Keep the pattern for a top and black shorts. Nice pair of black pumps. There you go the look redone and beautiful. A little safe but not scary.

I love the draping but I'm not into the weird stones on her right shoulder. I would have definitely done some shiny jewels. I'm not into all the makeup and hair for the show. All the models look very plain and boring. The red eyeshadow just doesn't work for me. I know they are trying to sell the clothes but an ugly model can keep someone from buying for sure.


Definitely inspired by the vampire craze. Pale skin. Dark and red garments.

I love the pale makeup and the red lips. The red "glove" around her hand is a little weird. Maybe a conventional red glove perhaps leather could have done it well.

Very red. They definitely could have made this look more attractive. Remember vampires are dark and alluring creatures. This look doesn't lure me in.

I love this look. Very slimming and well done. Clean.

This is hot. Reminds me of a gangster. A really well dressed one. Definitely gives me the impression of fierceness and confidence.

Love this. The pattern isn't overwhelming and has a nice cut.