Monday, September 27, 2010

Mendoza "My Darlings, My Queens"

These pictures do not do the collection justice but I can't find pictures anywhere else. I didn't bring my camera because I was too busy working backstage but I wish I had though just to get some behind the scene footage. The flash photography in these photos takes away the dim ambiance and sensuality of this set but I assure you the installation was warm and welcoming, sexually that is.  Sam was inspired by reading a lot of Colette & Rimbaud and decided to make a collection that exerted drama, lust, and sophistication. The dramatic eye makeup (Dani Wagener, Tavi Del La Rosa, Jeannie Vincent, and Lisa Chi) transformed the models into dark, seductive Sirens. Hair was slicked back into chic chignons (Melissa Gullotti & I Soci Salon) and long feathered earrings added a sharp touch to a soft subject (Katee Pugliese). The jewelry (Rebekah Lea) not only accessorized the garments but was also incorporated into a few of the dresses . The set (Mohr & McPherson) completed the looks and if you missed out on this installation, you SERIOUSLY missed out to a great start to Boston Fashion Week.

--- (a professional pic - Jay Calderin)

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